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Friday Night Services, Tonight 7/31, 7 PM Next Saturday morning services, 8/8 at 9 AM. PLEASE note that the High Holiday Schedule is already up at … Cantor Ben Moshe’s Message This week’s parshah is Vaet’hanan, which is always read on the Shabbat after the Fast of Tish’ah B’Av. This Shabbat is usually called […]

Friday Night Services, Tonight 7/24, 7 PM ~ A special request from Gabbai Bam: Today is his father’s Yahrtzeit, so if we can get a minyon right at 7pm we can do Mincha and he can say Kaddish. Saturday morning services, 7/25 at 9 AM with the Torah service at 9:45. There will be a […]

Friday Night Services, Tonight 7/17, 7 PM Next Saturday morning services, next week on 7/25 at 9 AM Tisha B’Av evening service, Saturday July 25 at 9 PM. We will have one of the most beautiful services of the year; a soulful reading of the book of lamentations, led by Hazzan Ben-Moshe Cantor Ben Moshe’s […]

Friday Night Services, 7/03, at 7:00 pm The next Saturday morning services will be next week, July 11 at 9am Morah Shiry’s spoken Hebrew class, followed by Gabbai Bam’s davening class will resume Thursday July 23 at 7pm Grandpa Abe’s Column: I miss my Friends I got a call the other day from the Jewish […]