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The kids have been busy, and so have I.  Here are 55 designs we have created, and there will be samples available at shul this weekend.  No cards will be sold on Shabbat, but we will begin taking orders by phone, email or in person, beginning next week. Remember also that we can custom paint, draw, or create a collage.  More info and order forms are here.


The much-anticipated children’s services fundraiser is here.  The children of the congregation got together this week with Morah Betsy to draw, paint and color artwork for a new set of greeting cards.  We are selling kid-designed holiday and Shabbat cards, with envelopes. Many of the designs are here, but more are coming.  We’re also happy to take custom orders for a small fee.  The cards we’ve printed are only $15 if you purchase 5!  And it goes to a good cause.

Beth El fundraiser announcement

Children’s Services Fundraiser Purchase Order


The kids have assembled a wish list for Shabbat/holiday children’s services:


  • child-size ark & Torah scroll
  • child-size tallitot
  • costumes for kids & puppets
  • materials for holiday crafts
  • Torah books & stories

For more info, contact Morah Betsy at, or

Dear Parents,

I’d like to invite you and your children to join us at Beth El this coming Wednesday at 3:30- 5:30 PM for a special card-making event. Using markers, paint, crayons, pens, AND my scanner, laptop and printer, the kids are invited to design and then paint or color cards for Beth El congregants and friends.  There will be options for children as young as 2 to make apple-print images with paint.

The plan is to have the first round of Rosh Hashanah cards sent to congregants along with the schedule of services and high holiday announcements.  A sample is attached. We will also be scanning the children’s artwork and printing it on card stock for us in an upcoming fundraiser.  Details about that are coming soon, but we would love for you to purchase a set of cards and encourage your family members to do the same.

Does anyone own Jewish stencils or stamps that we can borrow for the day ?  If so, please contact me at, or simply leave a comment on this post.

This is an arts-and-crafts attire event (feel free to bring a smock if your child owns one!).

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!


Two weeks ago, Betsy and one of the Beth El students were learning about havdalah and its blessings, so we decided to make havdalah candles.

At-home Service for  Havdalah

After several epic failures involving a toaster oven, hot wax and cigarette lighters, we were finally able to make several four-braid and four-twist havdallah candles.  To save other people from having to repeat our finger pains and mistakes, we decided to publish a simple how-to guide.

How to Make Havdalah Candles without Burning Down Your Kitchen

  • Assemble all materials:
    • a box of chanukah candles (including extras in case you make mistakes)
    • a source of boiling water
    • a disposable bowl
    • paper towels
    • matches or a lighter
    • a disposable fork
  • Boil water.
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