Jewish education is an essential part of any congregation and Congregation Beth El is no exception.  Beth El has an active Hebrew School as well as periodic adult education classes.

Our Hebrew school currently has three different age groups and includes several talented teachers, among them Morah Anat, Morah Bev and Morah Lital. Both Morah Anat and Morah Lital are from Israel and have many years of experience in Jewish education.  Morah Lital taught Hebrew at Columbia University as well as Duke University and also works at Hebrew Prep School in Austin.  All of our teachers share a passion for Jewish learning. Morah Bev works with Cantor Ben-Moshe with the middle school aged children. Our school often has community guests who volunteer their time and interests, making Beth El one of the most holistic and well rounded Jewish educational experiences your child could have.

In addition to our three different Hebrew school classes, individual tutoring is also available for those students in preparation for their B’nai Mitzvah.

Shabbat and holiday services frequently include special programs for the children led by Jewish educator Shereen Ben-Moshe.